love & legacy.

It’s in the interim.
The extraordinary of the moments in between.
It’s in the waiting that I find inspiration.


The quiet prayer before she walks to meet him at the other end of the aisle. The way he reaches for her, the way her eyes always seek his. The way they choose one another, not just on the day their “Forever” begins, but each day after.

The way their baby reaches and intertwines her fingers around theirs as she begins to fall asleep. The selflessness of motherhood, the gentleness, the dedication. The joy a mother finds in caring for her little.

Images transform from photographs into art the moment emotion is evoked and captured in a way that requires intention and thoughtful curation.

Your “Forever” begins on your wedding day. The day you commit to waking up every day and choosing one another. This is just the start of “a love that’s here to stay,” the start of a legacy worth documenting along the way.

The art of the tangible, the importance of preservation, the curation of your heirlooms. I believe that your memories deserve to be transformed into art that adorns your walls. It is for this reason that every wedding collection includes the gift of a linen box filled with fine art prints from your wedding day. Legacy collections for my motherhood clients also have print options ranging from fine art prints to curated wall galleries for your home with a complimentary curation consultation to select your images and framing options.



Wedding Collections begin at $4,750.


Fine Art portrait digital collections begin at $500.
Products and curation collections begin at $800.