It’s a great idea, in theory. But, naturally, as soon as we get behind, we experience overwhelm and never get around to finishing what we started. Before you know it, your child is heading off to Kindergarten, and the only thing you can recall from their earliest days were the brief notes you took between nursing sessions up to the time she was four weeks old. 

It doesn’t have to be this way! 

maybe you were once like me and thought a baby book was the only solution you needed to remembering every detail of these precious moments with your kids.

I've been there, friend.

Archival rhythms are habits that you create within your routine for heirloom documentation, for categorizing the treasures from childhood that will be meaningful to the life story of your babies. 
We are all busy and have the best of intentions when it comes to documenting the earliest days of our children’s lives. We buy the baby books (OH, do we buy the baby books), but when it comes down to diligence and practice, we often get overwhelmed, don’t know where to start, and don’t have enough time. 
This coaching experience is the solution to all of these pain-points. 

Have you ever heard of the phrase, "archival rhythms?"

Heirloom Motherhood is a system for creating archival rhythms within your routine to take the guesswork out of how to create, organize, and store tangible artifacts of your own family legacy in a way that is beautiful, intentional, and practical. This course is a “how-to” from start to finish. How to take beautiful and intentional photos, edit them, organize them, print them. How to annotate milestones and keep record of the moments you don’t want to forget with your children. And how to save and categorize tangible pass-downs and sentimental items from childhood. 


Guest calls with two experts (shhh, this one is a fun surprise)!

How to write narrative based stories to your children so they can recount the days of their childhood through their mother's unique voice.

How to take authentic photographs of your children on 35mm film.

How to discern what artifacts from childhood actually should be saved (and where to store them).

THIS group coaching experience IS FOR YOU IF YOU WANT TO LEARN:

Over the course of six weeks, we will meet together SIX TIMES via zoom So i can teach you everything you need to know to put a system into place in your current routine so the memories of your children growing up don't get lost in the shuffle.

Yes! I need this!

The Course

what's inside

Avoiding the overwhelm when it comes to the STUFF of childhood and creating a system for discerning what is truly meaningful without forming meaningless attachments.

Tangible Heirlooms

My go-to tips for getting better photos of your children with multiple mediums (film included! If you're interested in learning about shooting film with your family...this is your chance)! 

Taking Better Photos

Time to toss the baby books! How to set a rhythm within your existing routines so the magic of the in-between moments are easily documented for later remembering. 

Written Documentation

Coaching calls will take place on Wednesdays, beginning July 7th and will happen every week until August 11th. 

The course is available with a one time payment of $699 or, if you would like a payment plan, three payments of $247. Following the course, you will have lifetime access to the Facebook accountability group. 

It’s never too late, Mama! The systems we will discuss can be implemented for the future, but we will also talk about ways to play catch up in retrospect.  

Yes, much of the education will be general photography practices that can be applied across mediums! 

With busy wedding season approaching, this is the only time this will be offered this year! If you miss out now, you’ll have to wait until early 2022 to gain access again. 

Some. ;) Every week, I’m going to assign you a “Rhythm Audit,” which is one thing to implement to set you up for future success in your archiving. This way, by the end of the six weeks, you will be able to tangible results in your systems for documenting your motherhood journey. 

When does the program begin/end?

 What is the investment?

 What if my children are no longer babies? Is it too late for me?

 What if I don’t have a 35mm? Can I use these teachings with an iPhone?

When will you offer this again?

Since this is a course, will there be homework?

Let me shine a light on what you can expect from our time together! 

Yes! I need this!


But, my career didn’t begin this way. Before I started photographing weddings, I was a teacher. My experience in Early Childhood Education serves as foundational expertise for this course. I have seen the coorelation of a child's earliest days on their self-concept. Listen to me when I say, Mama, that the time for impact on our children's becoming, on their sense of belonging, begins here!

i’m nikki, a fine art marriage and motherhood photographer for the refined romantic


Yes, I'm ready! Sign me up!

Ready to implement a game-changing system for tangible heirlooms, photo archives, and written documentation to establish the narrative of your babies' childhood? 

this is just what i need!

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