Nikki Santerre is fiercely devoted to capturing and preserving relationships through fine art photography, bespoke heirlooms, and written documentaries-- curating tangible memoirs and legacies of hope and love to be passed onto future generations. She travels across the country documenting artisan-crafted wedding days, taking a limited number of wedding commissions per year in order to create an intimate luxury experience for each of her couples. After struggling with infertility for five years, Nikki realized her heart for motherhood and her passion for serving mothers. She then shifted her focus to serving mothers and creating motherhood portraiture rather than wedding clients exclusively. She found the medium that inspires her the most to create this kind of evocative imagery is film, which opened the door to developing her unique style, workflow, and client experience as a Hybrid photographer.

MEet Nikki

- Elsie de Wolfe

“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful, and that will be my life.”




When I’m not behind the lens or writing, you can find me:

Spending most of my days mesmerized by my sweet “Bubbie” Mason, fully present and soaking up his ever evolving milestones. From his infatuation with light to his curiosity for the world around him-- I am fueled when I find extraordinary in the simplicity of motherhood and gratitude in every season...all while tucking away these values deep within my pockets to carry them into all her God-given creative ventures.

When I’m not balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood, you can find me with a locally brewed lavender latte in hand (or perhaps a glass of Meritage from Charlottesville’s wine country)...

Planning my next destination adventure with my husband, Matt, while listening to our vinyl music collection. Some of our favorites include Charleston, Seattle, Chicago, the Oregon Coast and the Florida Keys. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your destination weddings, y’all! 


Gathering, because I come alive around a table with a wholesome meal, in a room overflowing with the sounds of laughter from the people that give my life purpose, the people that are the source of my well-spring of love and inspiration

100 Layer Cake
Porch Mag
Burnett’s Boards
Glamour and Grace,
Fine Art Marriage
The Black Tie Bride

- Brand Rep for Sunday Supper through Sobremesa Dinner Series
- Contributing Writer for The Fount Collective, Cottage Hill, More Love Letters, Embrace Magazine, and Unread Magazine 
- Founder of The Interim Community for hopeful women walking through infertility 
- Sought after by mothers in the creative community across the country
- Photographed creative campaigns for wedding brands like BHLDN and David’s Bridal through Aisle Society and for Motherhood brands like min.erbs.
- Preferred Vendor for Wedding Sparrow & Once Wed

Style Me Pretty
Magnolia Rouge
Wedding Sparrow
Southern Weddings Magazine
The Carolinas Magazine
Cover of Pear Pretty Bride
Wedding Chicks

A few things I've been up to Professionally:


“Unity is strength, where there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” 

- Mattie Stepanek 

It was in the middle of my first season as the mother of a newborn and owner of a small business that I realized my plate, though incredibly blessed, was getting more full...the weight a burden I couldn’t carry alone. Kara joined me permanently not long after, creating a balance during the wedding photography process by being the yin to my yang, the comic relief sometimes necessary to keep light the work of documenting intimacy on a wedding day. Kara and Christian work both as assistants at sessions and weddings, but also behind the scenes and virtually to help keep things running seamlessly for the clients we so adore. 

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