The industry told me mini sessions=cheap=bad. I schooled this school of thought, and stumbled upon a sales strategy that helps me sell these sessions out every. Single. Launch. At the highest price point in my market. 

This could happen for you too!

maybe you were once like me and thought mini sessions were taboo.

I've been there, friend.

You can add an additional stream of income for yourself and your family. Since weddings aren’t happening for many of us, at least not in the way we are used to, diversifying your offerings and pivoting to include portraits can be the difference between staying profitable and having to close your doors. 

in a time in our industry where so much is uncertain,

This guide helps you to serve your existing pipeline of customers in an elevated experience that turns them into repeat customers year after year. 

- Tiffany Farley

As an educator in the photography community, I am always looking for leaders who are offering a refreshing perspective on how they run their business. Nikki takes the concept of offering mini sessions and teaches photographers how she offers them successfully from start to finish. I was thrilled to include her teaching on this topic in our recent online course for The Fount Collective, and know that many photographers walked away not only inspired on how to bring additional revenue into their business this year but most importantly educated on exactly how to do so. This guide far exceeded my expectation in value."

This guide far exceeded my expectation in value.

are saying

Delivering value increase after value increase in subtle and innovative ways

Executing an atmosphere conducive to an elevated client experience

Pricing mini sessions for profit

How to set yourself apart in a saturated market

How to create an effective portrait session launch campaign


Using scarcity and innovation, you can create a loyal client base who will pay a premium for your services that returns year after year! 

Yes! I need this guide!

The Guide

what's inside

8 points to consider when planning your own mini session campaign.


My exact step by step process for managing my mini session events.


How to over deliver and thrill your clients!

post production

But, my career didn’t begin this way. Before I started photographing weddings, I was a teacher. And as many good stories often begin, I was faced with a choice. I chose the road less traveled, and it changed the trajectory of my life. Now, instead of being confined to four walls, my job has taken me around the world to celebrate the fleeting joy of life’s most precious moments. It has also given me time to focus on my life’s best calling...Mama to my two beautiful babies. 

i’m nikki, a fine art marriage and motherhood photographer for the refined romantic


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Ready to implement a game-changing system for mini sessions to increase your business profits this fall? 

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