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The First Year

July 25, 2013

The first year…

It’s growing up, and growing together.

It’s realizing you are actually a pretty selfish person, and letting go of that.

Its a little bit of loss of who you used to be, the single you from your past. And it’s becoming a better version of yourself than you ever imaged because THEY make you better.

It’s dreaming, oh is it ever. It’s making plans and figuring out how you’re going to get there. It’s making things happen for your future.

It’s compromise. I’ll say it again, it’s compromise.

It’s realizing the things about them that drive you mad, and learning to live with those things because it’s who they are.

It’s understanding that marriage isn’t about a spotless house with a white picket fence in a prominent neighborhood. Marriage is about loving each other when the laundry piles up and life in general is a hot mess.

It’s knowing that you don’t have to start a family yet just because everyone is asking you about it. In fact, it’s actually about creating your own timeline, and knowing when it’s right for both of you. It’s appreciating this time alone together because once babies come, you can’t get it back.

It’s, “But I thought you fed the dog this morning?”

It’s knowing when it’s time to turn off the computer and leave the work for another day, because at the end of this life, I guarantee you won’t be saying, “Man, I wish I worked more.” In fact, you’ll probably be wishing for more time, because when forever runs out you’ll realize it just wasn’t long enough.

It’s eating ramen and raiding the freezer for dinners all week so you can save up for a date night on the weekend.

It’s spending every holiday in the car visiting two families (and thanking God for it, because the chance to visit them means they’re still with you).

It’s buying your first house and making it a home.

It’s disagreeing, agreeing to disagree, and loving each other anyway.

It’s goodnight kisses every night, and good morning hugs every morning.

It’s becoming each other’s safe place.

It’s a year of firsts, and prayers for many more years to come. 2013-07-25_0001 2013-07-25_0002 2013-07-25_0003

Cheers to our first year, honey. Happy Anniversary! 

  1. ashley link says:

    love this post! i can’t wait til i have this one day!

  2. Karen says:

    Aw I love this!! Happy 1st anniversary!

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