“I am my beloved, and my beloved is mine.” 

You’re here because you’ve carefully selected your Carol Hannah gown and have set a date for your intimate wedding, but you want to make sure that the photographer you choose captures every luxurious element and that no intentional detail you’ve curated for this day is left undocumented.

Moreso, you’re here because of him. Because you have found the one created with your heart specifically in mind. He compliments you, brings out the best in you, and you can’t imagine your life without him. 

You’re here because you’ve chosen one another. And you want to spend the rest of your days proclaiming to the world that

Dear Future Mrs.,

- Song of Solomon

Let’s get to know one anotheR

It’s important that we chat (be that over Facetime, or in person over champagne and charcuterie...my personal preference) to make sure we’re a good fit for one another. Ultimately, I create a custom experience based on each of my client’s needs, so I value investing time to build a relationship with the couples I serve. 



Let’s become official

Once you decide that a curated luxury heirloom experience is right for your wedding day, we will become official and lock in your date! I send each of my clients planning resources upon booking to help ensure their photography experience is seamlessly simple. Then, we schedule and begin planning your engagement session! 


LEt's Get you photo ready

Ahead of your engagement session, clients receive customly curated outfit selections tailored to their desired style, aesthetic, and session location. This collaborative process helps eliminate stress, and also allows my clients to arrive at their session knowing what they’re wearing will photograph well, but they also feel more confident, making a huge difference in the final product! 


Let’s celebrate

Ahead of your wedding date, we will collaborate on timeline, specific shot requests, and all the small details to ensure I have all the information I need to best serve you on your wedding day. This is done at least 6 weeks ahead of the day so that you can rest easily in the days leading up to your event knowing that the photography aspect of your day will transpire without any hindrance! Post-wedding, clients can expect to receive their full gallery within 6 weeks.  


Heirloom Curation 

Once you’ve had an opportunity to enjoy your digital collection, we will begin to chat about your heirloom options! Clients have an opportunity to select curated tangible heirlooms, including albums, canvases, frames art prints, and heirloom print boxes. 

Meet the Nikki Santerre


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It is a joy to be gifted the ability to relive your most precious moments, and Nikki’s work has given us just that. Our images have a pulse, a breath, and our wedding comes to life each time we hustle past our home gallery wall. Amidst the busyness of life, our images halt us to pause and reminisce in the memories they represent. They encourage us to dance in our kitchen and open that second bottle of wine—to celebrate us each and every moment. Nikki’s work exudes the beauty, love and legacy we felt on our wedding day. It's just magical—she is a visionary, a talent fiercely dedicated to her craft, a true artist within a class all her own. It remains my pleasure to have Nikki serve us on our day … and it just so happens that she is one heck of a gal. 

“Our images have a pulse, a breath, and our wedding comes to life each time we hustle past our home gallery wall.”

- Katie Poppe, 2015 Bride

You also stepped up in ways that I’m pretty sure are FAR above and beyond what any “regular” photographer would do. (You’re not a “regular” wedding photographer, you’re a “COOL” wedding photographer ;D ) I’ve heard praises from each one of my friends and family that interacted with you on that day. It meant the world to me that everyone was touched by your love and warmth. You transformed our rainy wedding day into something magical that our family and friends couldn’t stop raving about. The emotions and memories you captured on film will be cherished by our family for generations to come. 

“It meant the world to me that everyone was touched by your love and warmth.” 

- Mindy Benedict, 2018 Bride

Nikki came highly recommended to us by our wedding planner, and choosing to go with her was by far one of the best decisions we made during the wedding planning process. Nikki has such a sweet and calming personality, she immediately made my husband and I feel comfortable during our engagement shoot, and made our wedding day feel like we were hanging out with old friends. Nikki was also always available to me for advice on all things wedding not just photography, she was a great resource for flowers, accessories, and all other wedding needs. In addition to our photos becoming gorgeous keepsakes, she also turns them around incredibly fast, and offers a quick sneak-peak to hold you over until all the photos are ready. You get the best of both worlds since she shoots in both digital and print, and her style and expertise shines through in everything she does.

“Nikki has such a sweet and calming personality.” 

- Larissa Cabellero, 2017 Bride 

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Custom tailored wedding collections begin at $9700. Inquire below for a curated quote for your event. 



Unravel the secrets to curating flawless engagement session outfits. In this guide we will explore how to enhance and elevate the aesthetics of your session by refining your attire selections and posing with confidence and authenticity, 

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