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July 11, 2014

Hello, 24 year old Self,

Oh, girl. Hold on tight because this year is going to be quite the ride! You weren’t sure what to expect of your twenty fourth year, but it turned out to be quite the good one.

You, my dear, are a bit unsure of yourself, and your direction, and what is really meant for your life. And I wish I could tell you the answer will magically appear this year, but darling that’s just not the case. I’m not really sure if the answers you want are ever really going to be spelled out for you, but this lesson is called Faith, and you will learn a lot more about it this year. Faith in God and His plan for your life, faith in the work you produce, and faith in yourself.

This year was by far the fastest of your life so far. Moments are fleeting and time feels as if it slips through your fingers before you barely have chance to linger in it’s touch. This is another lesson you will learn this year, to relish the presence, to soak it up like Nanny’s tomato gravy with a homemade biscuit, because surely once it’s gone you will crave more. Every other year of your life you have been anxious to move onto the next big thing, always seeking progression. This year, there was more purpose, more things done intentionally. And somehow, it seems as though more progress was made. Funny how that works.

You will realize this year how important it is for you to be intentional in scheduling breaks from work and time away from your to-do list. Girl, you CANNOT do everything, there simply isn’t enough time. Such is life. More importantly, you shouldn’t want to do everything. You should prioritize and focus on what matters and the rest will sort itself out. Trying to be more of everything only results in burning out, and while running a business, teaching three year olds, and managing  a home, we can’t have that happen.

God has a plan for you, a great one. Rest and find peace in that. It is slowly being revealed, but remember all things are done in His time and for His good.

Oh, and give that husband and puppy a big snuggle. They’re the best things about this year (and the new puppy you’re about to meet also!).

Nikki Santerre Photography_Personal_24th birthday_Virginia Fine Art Film Photographer_0001 Nikki Santerre Photography_Personal_24th birthday_Virginia Fine Art Film Photographer_0002To read last year’s birthday letter, click here!


  1. Early Happy Birthday!!!
    This is so sweet. I know God has a great plan for you!
    Your year will be rockin!!!


  2. 26 says:

    […] For the past two years, I’ve written a letter to my former self on my birthday. You can read them here and here.  […]

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