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Blessings and Honor

September 5, 2012

It’s going to be another one of those posts.

You know, the ones where I haven’t posted in a while so I ramble until I get it all out.

Well I apologize in advance; the rambling ensues because keeping this in here is not an option.

I have been feeling a depth of gratitude recently. I know, I know what you’re thinking. I always talk about how thankful I am. How lucky we are. How much we’ve been given. But really, I mean it. I’m just not sure how we got here. To this place of abounding blessings. We don’t deserve it. None of us do really. Yet, still, He continues to give.

It’s amazing.

Sometimes things happen in life, and God whispers into your ear, sending you a message he meant just for you. You may not even realize at first. The clarity may come in hindsight. Then, there are other times, when God throws a tornado right in your path, shaking you, displacing you far from comfort.

I awoke to storm clouds this morning.

I’m a nervous driver, it’s really no secret. Anywhere Matt and I go together, I require him to drive. I also avoid left hand turns like it’s my job. I know, it’s a different kind of crazy, but I own up to it. So I left for work this morning, as per my usual. I hadn’t been on the road for a quarter of a mile when a car pulled out up ahead of me. It was far enough away that I didn’t have to maneuver to miss it. However, right behind that car came a Granny. I bore down as fiercely as I could on the horn and the brake, the smell of rubber burning filling the interior.   My heart stopped, and luckily the mustang too, just barely missing the tail end of her Buick (those of you who have heard the stories I’ve told about my car know that it’s rare my Mustang does ANYTHING it’s supposed to do).

My tires slowed, I picked my jaw up off the floor, and proceeded to locate my phone with trembling hands and dial my Mama’s number. Through the tears she was able to piece together my story (I’m sure the way I was sobbing she thought I had actually hit poor Granny). All I could think about was what could have happened if I had hit her, which would have been right on her side. She could be someone’s Mama. Someone’s Granny. The thought of the “what if’s” weighed heavily on my mind all day. Granny didn’t even look up. Through the screeching tires and the blaring of my horn, I’m not even sure if she saw me coming.

However, Mama reminded me of something. I didn’t hit that Granny this morning. My car didn’t slam into her side. No one was injured. And by the grace of God, Granny and I are both here to tell our respective sides of what could have been a devastating story.

Again, I am thankful. And still, I will praise Him. Because Granny and I were spared today. Others aren’t as lucky.

Today’s incident reminded me that I am here for a reason. You and I, we all have a purpose here. God has woven us together in this interesting and complex tapestry of a story. Granny and I were meant to cross paths today, of this I’m sure. If nothing else, as a reminder for me to slow down and appreciate the gift of precious time.

My husband awaits. Homemade Venison stew is simmering. The air is getting cooler, a reminder that my favorite season is approaching. Counting my blessings,

I count him twice.

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