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Branded Packaging

August 12, 2013

I’ve been losing sleep over my packaging for months, mostly because  it’s been basically nonexistent until now. I over-thought and over-complicated my packaging up until this point. In the photography industry, there are tutorials on lighting, editing, posing, but I found there was no real “How-To” guide for packaging and collateral to match your brand. Once my branding was finished, I knew I needed a way to tie my brand together so that my clients would have a completely branded experience from start to finish. I tried everything. I looked into custom CD’s, paper boxes, fine linen wrapping paper. Soon, it became apparent to me not only how expensive but how difficult I was making things.

Enter the little wooden box. In all of it’s humble, simplified perfection.

2013-08-07_0001 2013-08-07_0002 2013-08-07_0003 2013-08-07_0004I knew as soon as I found these that they would be perfect. They are simple, yet classic. Even though I use PASS to deliver digital downloads of all images to my clients, I want them to have something tangible, even if they don’t order an album. These boxes will hold 100 fine art prints, and should the client choose, a flash drive with all the wedding images. This box will hold heirlooms, and become something physical my clients can show friends and family after their wedding day has long since passed. I can’t ensure my clients will print every wedding image (though I can hope!) but I can ensure they will have 100 of my personal favorites in print form, at minimum.

The prints will be tied together with this beautiful silk ribbon from Frou Frou Chic Ribbontiere. (If you have an affinity for all things lovely, check them out, thank me later).  2013-08-07_0005 2013-08-07_0006These 5×5 prints of my favorite personal Instagrams will serve as cards and stationary to my clients for the time being. I wanted something personal, and am absolutely enamored with Artifact Uprising‘s products (and come on, who wouldn’t want to receive a card boasting a picture of that sweet, sleepy pup?).2013-08-07_0007 2013-08-07_0008 2013-08-07_0009 2013-08-07_0010Three products have simplified my packaging and my life, and come together to provide a product unique to my business and brand. I hope my clients are as happy to receive them as I am to share them!

  1. I LOVE the box!!! Great job!

  2. […] I now have most of them in stationary form via prints from Artifact Uprising (more about them in this post). Top, left to right: 1) A moment of quiet with Pup before shooting my first wedding this season. […]

  3. keani says:

    Where did you get your boxes from? I was thinking about making mine.

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