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Making a Home, Intentionally

March 3, 2014

I’ve learned a valuable lesson during the first sixth months we’ve been in our house…it takes time to make a house a home. When we first closed on the house and began the move in process, I think I had this misconception that everything we wanted to do to the house would be done instantly. Between balancing teaching and the business, devoting time to our marriage, and keeping up with the house I couldn’t have been more wrong. We have chosen to prioritize becoming debt free and growing my business instead of investing in brand new furnishings and decor. What I’ve also realized is that even though our house may not be styled in a way that would make it eligible for publication in Better Homes and Gardens or a Pottery Barn catalogue, the things that we have chosen to decorate our home with are intentional. The pieces that fill our walls each have a story, and I prefer it that way.

This antique trunk was a wedding gift from Matt’s grandparents. They had tears in their eyes when they told us about it. They scoured several antique stores in Vermont until they found the right one. We appreciate it so much because it was such a thoughtful gift!  Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0001These Crate and Barrel shelves were also a wedding gift. On them are my film camera, some old lenses, our wedding invitation, a painting from a local artist/friend, and some of my favorite books.Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0002 Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0003 Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0004 Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0005 Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0006I searched for chairs I couldn’t live without for months before finding these beautiful gray ones at Marshall’s. Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0007Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0008One of my best friends kept my bridal bouquet and gave it to me for our first wedding anniversary. It now sits in our formal room/office. Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0009These three prints are my favorite decor in the house. The owl is a watercolor painting from an artist in the Outer Banks. The gold foil print is from Lara Casey and might look familiar to my 2014 clients. 😉 The “It is well” print is from Emily Ley and is from my favorite hymn. Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0010The owls were our wedding cake toppers!Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0011When we got married, I was so picky about choosing dinnerware. We found these at Marshall’s and I fell in love. We had to scour three different locations to find a complete set!Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0012Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0013Eventually the chimney and built ins will be painted white to match all the molding, so consider this the before. 🙂 Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0014Our dining room table was a gift from my Papa for our wedding as well. This table was given to my grandparents by my grandma Penny’s mother, who we called Yaya, as a gift for their wedding. I don’t think we will ever be able to part with it because of the history it has in my family. It is so special to think of all the members of my family who have shared meals at this table. Nikki Santerre Photography_Home_0015


What’s most important are the memories we are filling this house with. The laughter, the conversations, the people, the love.

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