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Meet the Interns

November 25, 2014

I learned this year how absolutely vital it is to be able to ask for help when you need it when it comes to running a small business. I don’t like to ask for help, it’s something I’ve always struggled with, but since I currently have two full time jobs, help is necessary. Incorporating film into my workflow has also changed the way I shoot considerably since I’m shooting both digital and medium format at every session and wedding. Enter, the NSP Interns!

At the beginning of the year, Kimmie joined me as my first official intern to complete credits for her degree. To be honest, I was nervous at first because I just wanted to ensure she had a great experience and could walk away feeling like she learned something valuable she could apply to her own business. I never could have predicted how close we would become, how many memories we would make, or how much she would teach me about the industry and making your business also a ministry. Nikki Santerre Photography_Virginia Fine Art Wedding Photographer_Interns_0001Nikki Santerre Photography_Virginia Fine Art Wedding Photographer_Interns_0002And then there’s Jennie. My sweet sister-in-law has been shooting weddings with me for two years. She’s been my new equipment guinea pig, my sound board, and the best road trip parter. Nikki Santerre Photography_Virginia Fine Art Wedding Photographer_Interns_0003Nikki Santerre Photography_Virginia Fine Art Wedding Photographer_Interns_0004Jennie & Kimmie have become such an extension of my brand this year, getting to know my clients and attending all my weddings. I have been so thankful to have them and am so excited for what is in their futures. Jennie and my brother are expecting their first baby in March (YAY FOR NIECES!) and Kimmie is pursuing her business (and is ROCKING IT OUT!).

So, that means there will be new girls joining me for the 2015 wedding season! I am so excited to introduce Holly & Jessica! These girls are both so sweet and so talented, and I can’t wait to see what we produce together in the next year! Nikki Santerre Photography_Virginia Fine Art Wedding Photographer_Interns_0005And most of you know this guy. Matt is learning more and more about photography, this business, and the industry and will be taking a more active roll in things in 2015. I’m so excited to be turning this into a family business! Nikki Santerre Photography_Virginia Fine Art Wedding Photographer_Interns_0006

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