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One Sweet Love

August 20, 2012

My legs are sore, my eyes are heavy. Exhaustion is creeping in, and in a little while, I’ll give way to it.

But not right now. Not just yet. This weekend was too amazing to leave it hanging here, in its particular space in time. So I must write of it. Make it permanent. So later, when I’m whispering Hannah’s birthday story in her ear, I’ll have a point of reference upon which to return.

Yesterday morning was supposed to be Julia’s baby shower. Nina and I planned the brunch menu, decided on a baby pink and turquoise motif, and purchased our favorite baby items for our wee one. Matt and I awoke to a phone call at 7am from an exasperated Cole, “My Mommy is at the hospital!”

False labor? Oh no. My sweet niece had impeccable timing.

So while Nina headed to the hospital where she would become a new “Mimi,” I hastily prepared for the ladies to arrive. Julia’s baby shower turned into a Birth Brunch we won’t soon forget.


We enjoyed breakfast casserole and a yogurt buffet while we entertained little ones and anxiously awaited updates on the Julia’s progress. And at 12:24pm, I got the text from Thomas.

6lbs, 15oz, and healthy!

Our girl certainly knows how to make an entrance!

The ladies helped me clean, and then we caravanned our way to the hospital.  From behind a small pane of glass, we saw her for the first time. And there, we all gave her our hearts. Completely enamored by this one, sweet love.

ImageMeet Hannah Mae Grace.


Psalm 139:13
You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.

And oh, how she is delicate. And when you inhale her fresh, newborn scent she is sweet. To think that every fiber of her being has come from Thomas and Julia. And that she was chosen by God to bless our family. It’s overwhelming.

Last night, as if I wasn’t blessed with enough love already, I had the opportunity to photograph one of the loveliest weddings I have ever been invited to be a part of. The people, the light, the atmosphere, the ceremony all came together to celebrate LOVE, in all of it’s greatness and glory. I won’t tell every detail here, for they deserve their own precious post. However, I will tell you I really put myself into this one. I gave this event my ALL. I don’t know if I was inspired by the morning’s events, if it was the L series lens I experimented with for the first time, or if it was the unyielding support of the photographer I was second shooting for, but I was in a zone I had never experienced as an artist and a professional up to this point. Whatever it was, I can’t wait to go there again.

Yesterday, understandably, left me slightly drained. Physically. Emotionally. There was split second today when I just had to let it all out. My husband held me while I had my little moment (they’re few and far in between, I promise). I’m so thankful he is the kind of man who can be gentle when I need it. He helped me to let go of the frustration I had with a certain overwhelming task for work by offering me chocolate ice cream and a trip to the hospital to hold the baby,

That man sure does know my weaknesses.

ImageMatt hasn’t exactly mastered the concept of focus yet, but he gets an A for effort!

ImageImageSince Julia started to show, I made it a point to talk to Hannah, in utero. I would tell her I was her “Kiki,” and how much I loved her, and all the fun we would have. The minute they put Hannah into my arms and I began to speak to her, she opened her eyes and stared at me. My girl already knew who I was! My eyes met hers, and she stole my heart.


God is love, and there is no doubt we are made from it. Hannah Mae, especially,

  1. Rea says:

    Nikki – I love you posts. They make my soul smile and my heart sing. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

  2. […] I mentioned in an earlier post, our niece, Hannah, was born on the morning of Peter and Megan’s wedding, so I was on a sort of emotional high […]

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