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May 13, 2013

It would be an impossible task to summarize all the emotions I felt over the course of this weekend in a few simple words. All I can say is I’ve graduated from VCU with a Masters in Elementary Education, my incredible new website has been released, and on Wednesday, we finally close on our first home.

Exhausted, maybe. Elated, definitely.

I spent this weekend surrounded by the people who made me who I am. In lieu of participating in traditional graduation festivities, I elected to spend the day celebrating with my family. In true Maxey/Santerre/Jackson style, we had a celebratory lunch at Carini’s followed by an afternoon cooking out, talking about life and where we go from here, and doing what we do best…living, laughing, loving.

Highlights of this weekend:

-MY WEBSITE! Oh my gosh, I can’t say enough about my designer, Krista. She was confident in me and my work, even when I had moments of doubt. She was there with her creative flair and great advice every step of the way. I made the best decision when I chose her for my branding and web design because I came out of the process with a new, and very dear friend.

-Seeing The Great Gatsby on Friday with Mama and Jennie. Those who know me, know I adore F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Gatsby is my favorite novel. I have been anticipating his movie since last year. Add Baz Luhrman’s cinema artistry and a killer soundtrack? Yeah, it was rad.

– I GRADUATED! After four years of undergrad, and two of the longest years of my life finishing grad school, I completed one of the hardest and most rewarding tasks of my adult life. Spending the day of my graduation with some of my closest family and friends, well, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Having a fire truck visit from my brother’s station at my grad party? Yeah, priceless!

-Standing with Matt on what will soon be our front porch. This is our first official picture at our new home!

-My husband knows my heart of hearts. His graduation gift to me was a pearl necklace for Tiffany’s “The Great Gatsby” collection. Pearl’s, Gatsby era art deco, and Tiffany’s all in one piece of jewelry? I may never take it off. I’m so thankful to have a man who gets me, and supports my heart’s relentless desire to fearlessly chase my dreams.

-Finding out I’m being published for the first time in not one, but two amazing wedding blogs. Look for more on those features in the near future! Can’t wait to add those “featured” buttons to my pretty new page.

-Spending Mother’s Day with the two women in our lives that made us the people we are. Words can’t describe how thankful I am for my Mama and Matt’s mom.



I will be announcing the winner of Friday’s giveaway on Wednesday, so if you haven’t had a chance to enter, you can do so by commenting on Friday’s post saying what your favorite part is about my new website…and GO!!! 🙂

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