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Instagoodness Gracious!

July 11, 2013


It feels like this summer is going by so quickly! There is hardly a minute to stop and think, and I can’t help but wonder-isn’t this supposed to be the easy season? I’m so thankful for technology these days, having my iPhone always at hand helps me to capture our everyday life. These insta-images help me to be thankful for so much-our new home, time with family and friends, my Husband and Pup, time of serenity and reflection, travels, business victories. I will definitely be creating a book of these memories at the end of the year!

This coming weekend is my birthday, so I’m really looking forward to celebrating with friends at some of my favorite Virginia wineries. And since Matt will be out of town on my birthday, we’ll be celebrating on Sunday with dinner at Hard Shell after my downtown engagement session (which I absolutely CANNOT wait for!).

What do you have planned for this weekend? 🙂

2013-07-11_0001Top left to right: 1) pup insisted I take some time off from work last night to play with her in my office. 2) My new prints arrived from Lara Casey‘s shop and I cannot wait to incorporate them into my client gifts for next year! 3) Brunch at Trellis with some of my favorite Alpha Phi’s to celebrate my best friend’s new job offer (she also asked us to be bridesmaids-tears!). 4) My new Mark II- he still needs a name, although I’ve been calling him Marky Mark. 5) Quiet time at the pool. 6) Home improvement projects-old shed went from red to grey.

Middle left to right: 1) Pup insists on laying on top of my head when we watch TV on the couch. 2) & 3) More from our Williamsburg adventures. 4) Pup watching Matt cut the grass from the dining room window. 5) Sparklers. 6) A sleepy Pup on Saturday morning.

Bottom left to right: 1) Took my Mamiya for a check up at the camera doctor. I think she might be back in business! 2) Lunch with Emily before she headed out of town. I’m sure going to miss living in the same city as my best friend, we were definitely spoiled this summer. 3) & 4) Adventures with Ashley in Yorktown this weekend as we tag teamed three sessions! 5) Golden glow of a summer sunset coming through the window onto my sunburst mirror in my office-so appropriate! 6) A gorgeous bouquet from Charlotte’s bridals we did on Monday (Thanks to Erica again for another stunning set of florals!).

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