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Minted Stationary

February 11, 2014

A friend of mine, Katie, recommended in terms of finding packaging materials for my brand that I consider the general feel that I want for my brand rather than focusing specifically on having my logo plastered on everything. That was really a lightbulb moment for me. When I used to think of “branding,” I thought that meant I had to have NIKKI SANTERRE PHOTOGRAPHY on everything I own in order for people to recognize my brand. What I’ve learned is that people really do identify your brand if you are living it. The colors used in my branding on my logo and website don’t only exist on the web, they permeate every part of my life. We decorate our home with gold foil and turquoise watercolor, I use the calligraphy-like script in written correspondence with my clients using my new calligraphy kit, I even migrate to those things when shopping for my wardrobe. This tells me that I chose well when I first built my brand because it is really an accurate representation of me and who I am rather than colors that were haphazardly chosen because they look good together or are trending right now.

Over the last year, I have been using stationary that was given as gifts rather than having personal stationary made. I recently decided it was time to have something made that is consistent and has multiple uses. We used Minted for our Christmas cards this year, and I loved their customer service, the convenience of their design interface on their website, and the fact that individual artists are commissioned in the design so I decided to pursue them to have this stationary made. When I found this design, I knew it was perfect. The card stock is so thick and has a really luxurious feel, the back of the cards are water color, and I have purchased some Ginny Au Frou Frou Chic ribbon in gold and teal to tie it all together. I also have a gold wax seal with my logo that should be coming in soon, which I’m so excited about! Nikki Santerre Photography_Minted Stationary_Virgina Wedding Photographers_0001 Nikki Santerre Photography_Minted Stationary_Virgina Wedding Photographers_0002 Nikki Santerre Photography_Minted Stationary_Virgina Wedding Photographers_0003 Nikki Santerre Photography_Minted Stationary_Virgina Wedding Photographers_0004 Nikki Santerre Photography_Minted Stationary_Virgina Wedding Photographers_0005 Nikki Santerre Photography_Minted Stationary_Virgina Wedding Photographers_0006 Nikki Santerre Photography_Minted Stationary_Virgina Wedding Photographers_0007

  1. These are gorgeous Nikki!!

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