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On Loving Matt | Personal | Nikki Santerre Photography

January 24, 2013

I originally planned to go in a completely different direction with this post. However, I’m sure this one will be better than what was originally on my blog calendar.

I loved reading the responses by the people who are participating in the giveaway. Hearing how your men love you fiercely, defend you loyally, and are just the right combination of what you want when you need it.

It got me to thinking about Matt. You must know I love the man, but I want to share why I love him.

So here it goes.

Matt walked into my life at a completely unanticipated time, and I love him for that. I am such a planner, but I never could have predicted the possibilities of our relationship.  There has always been something much bigger than Matt or myself at work between us, of that I am certain.

Destiny, if you will.

Matt has the ability to light up a room with his smile. He commands attention with his humor, his wit, his charm. He is fiercely passionate in his beliefs. He will defend the honor of any of his friends, his family, his Duke Basketball, his God, and his wife against any opponent.

He knows how to pry me from my computer when I’m exhausted and overworked (case in point an impromptu trip to wander aimlessly through the stacks at Barnes and Noble last night). He knows my “deer in the headlights” look when my blood sugar drops, and knows immediately what to get me to make me feel better (“Babe, you need to eat don’t you?! Be careful, check the carbs on that.” Really, since my diagnosis he has been like my personal little nutritionist).

He is my number one fan. He supports me (most of the time) without question. When I want to dream, he lets my feet leave the ground, giving me just the distance I need to be inspired, then pulls me back to earth when I need to refocus.

He has shown me that it is possible for a man to be simultaneously gentle and courageous. And when I stand next to him, with his arm around me, and look into his eye, I feel it.


My husband isn’t perfect, nor would I want him to be. He has his faults, but I wouldn’t change them because it’s his few imperfections that make me appreciate the thousands of wonderful qualities he possesses.

Plus, bickering every now and then keeps things interesting.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, go and enter the contest. Not just for the chance to win a session, but I’d also love to hear all the ways you adore your significant other.

This is coming to the blog on Friday. Stay tuned, ya’ll! Image

  1. Caitlin Shapiro says:

    Oh Nikki…

    What beautiful words. Love is a wonderful feeling but at times a bouncy road. Hold on to these words and remember all those wonderful things about Matt, even when it’s difficult. True love is a rare thing and it sounds as if you were blessed with that rare pearl that so many in this world are looking for. I’m so happy for you and Matt….and I love reading your blog.

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