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Peter and Megan

September 27, 2012

When Megan approached me in the hallway at work and asked if I would second shoot her and Peter’s wedding, I was slightly surprised to say the least. I didn’t know that she even knew I was getting into the photography industry, and I was honored that she and Peter would even consider having me take part in their day. We met the week before the wedding to discuss the details, and Megan and I clicked instantly, sharing a deep love of good cheese, creme brûlée, and all things Christmas. Peter is a wonderful photographer in his own right, and their main photographer, David J. Peterson, does exquisite work. At first, I was intimidated by the pressure of shooting this event. However, Megan, Peter, and David quickly put my mind at ease and expressed total confidence in my work.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our niece, Hannah, was born on the morning of Peter and Megan’s wedding, so I was on a sort of emotional high on life and love and the glory of creation. When I arrived at Amber Grove that Saturday afternoon, I was pumped as soon as I laid eyes on that first sunflower. I felt immediate inspiration, and I couldn’t wait to see Megan in her gown!


David was elated at the prospect of our collaboration. He shared the enthusiasm I have for details and was a huge support during the event. I am so grateful for the knowledge he shared with me and for the chances he gave me to put my two sense in regarding posing and composition.

Megan’s girls all wore cowboy boots, and they each got to choose their own style to fit their personality. I love that touch!

There is nothing subtle about Megan’s beauty. She is simply stunning. Bridal Beauty became her.

A couple after my own sweet tooth.

Megan and Peter had a beautiful religious ceremony. They took communion with their guests after they said their vows. I asked them if I, too, could participate in this part of their ceremony. I’ve never noticed another vendor take part in communion during a ceremony, but I felt that it was important to honor God in this moment and pray for blessings on Megan, Peter, and their marriage.

One of my favorite moments of the day is shown in the image above. Peter is absolutely captivated by his bride. This was how he was the entire day. So attentive and warm. And in response, Meg glows.

And she is just so FUN! The entire day was a perfect reflection of Megan and Peter’s personalities. Unique and inviting.

This shot isn’t perfect because I was creeping on one of David’s shots, but I adore the warm glow of the light. Obsessed.

Peter was eager to get behind the camera to get some of his own shots of his bride. Too stinkin’ darling, ya’ll!

Portraits in the barn. Enough said. Perfect setting for these given their “Hootenanny” theme.

The favors were awesome homemade jams and jellies by Meg’s Mama. I love the names they came up with. I’m pretty sure I walked around for an hour repeating, “Grape Scott!” and laughing out loud.

Megan and Peter, thank you so much for trusting me with your memories. In terms of favorite weddings, yours is a close second to my own! Praying for a first year full of love and laughter for you; I have complete faith it will be filled with both!

  1. Jennifer Borton says:

    Gorgeous Megan and I love the boots!

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