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Prayers for Harper

September 10, 2012

I had one of those moments today. You know the kind. Something small goes wrong, and then everything else follows suit. Before you know it the snowball effect has taken over, and immediately you start feeling a little bit sorry for yourself.

Then I got on Facebook. And then I woke up. God sent me a much needed reminder that I should not be worried about my miniscule, first world, insignificant issues.

Meet Harper.

Harper Ann Stanfield was born on August 20th with what is known as Congenital Diaphragmic Hernia. Essentially, this means this sweet baby girl had a hole in her diaphragm, which caused her intestines to grow in her chest,  impeding the growth of her left lung. She has spent every second of her two weeks here on this Earth fighting for her life. Today, she underwent surgery.

Please take a second and pray for this family.

William and Erin, Harper’s parents, have started a fund to help aid in their efforts to bring Harper home. Please, if you have the ability to give, do so. I have tried to put myself into their shoes, to imagine the weight on their shoulders, the fear in their hearts. I am not yet a Mama, but I definitely have the “Mama Gene.” I have such a soft spot for wee ones. I can’t imagine what this Mama must be going through. William and Erin, my heart is heavy for you guys. Know that you are continuously in my prayers. I pray that Harper will be healthy, that she will be healed, and that very soon you guys will be able to bring her home.

  1. selena n frank says:

    We are always praying for children who are fighting for there life hurt us to see angle of God in pain …she has a special place in our heart we will be checking up on her progress

  2. I wish I had better things to tell you all this morning, but I don’t…Harper has got another surgical battle on her hands…She is very swollen throughout her body today, the acidity in her blood is high and needs to be lowered, the gauze pads are being replaced, the good thing is there is no imminent bleeding. However, the ECMO circuit has to be replaced potentially setting her back…we are also being told that she may have signs of askemia in the bowel which may or may not be dead bowel…She is in surgery now…Please pray and keep others up-to-date and share…

  3. So Harper is struggling…She has gone back to bleeding more, 135cc in the past hour, however, it is not as much as it was yesterday. She has to be put on what is called Factor-7. Factor-7 helps to clot bleeding, however it risks clotting in all different areas of the body, both extremities and organs, therefore it risks losing areas of the body to blood clots. She is also being put on a new ECMO circuit, which with her being open from surgery and after so much stress on her system with Factor-7 etc. gives her a 50/50 shot of making it through the transition. Harper be strong baby, mommy and daddy and everyone here loves you…be strong…

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  5. The last update received said that she is still staying strong and fighting. What a miracle that her little body has already endured four surgeries! God is good and the power of prayer is undeniable. Please pray on!

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