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Interviewing a Luxury Wedding Photographer

August 25, 2023

Finding the Right Fit Luxury Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding Weekend

Image of a luxury wedding photographer sitting on a white sofa near a window

When it comes to planning your wedding for the couple who values aesthetics and guest experience, finding the right luxury wedding photographer to capture your wedding weekend is one of the most important tasks.

One factor that is most often overlooked when trying to find the right luxury wedding photographer is the importance of connection and the energy your photographer brings to your event. 

As someone who has a proclivity for experiences -fine dining, travel, and beauty- you truly place a high importance on an exceptional client experience and expect a high-touch level of service from each of your vendors throughout the process. 

But beyond that, I feel that most of my clients truly value and appreciate the trust we form as I gently guide them through their wedding planning journey. 

I will be with you every step of the way. Building a sense of trust and connection is ingrained into my entire process, from the moment of our first discovery call until your final gallery delivery (and beyond). 

I take the time to truly get to know and understand your values, as well as the nuances of your relationships, because the energy we share makes all the difference to your final imagery. It is this kindredness that can make or break your ability to be your most authentic self in front of my camera. 

There are also other important factors to consider when trying to find a luxury wedding photographer:

Does your style & aesthetic match your photographer’s?

Before you even begin searching for a luxury wedding photographer, I would encourage you to sit down and define your style and aesthetic. Are you naturally drawn to light ethereal imagery or do you prefer a darker moodier aesthetic with bold and dramatic composition?

Understanding the imagery you are naturally drawn to will help you find a luxury wedding photographer whose artistic style aligns with your vision for your wedding day and the             heirloom imagery you want to look back on ten to twenty  years from now.

If this is something you struggle with – simply open up a bridal magazine or Pinterest. Pay attention to the images that set your heart on fire and you can picture yourself within. This will provide you with clues as to what style you naturally lean towards.

Image of three gold wedding rings

Look for consistency in your luxury wedding photographer’s portfolio.

You can tell how experienced and confident a luxury wedding photographer is by looking for consistency in their portfolio. Try to find a photographer who doesn’t hop from one type of editing style to the next – look for images that will be transcendent of time or trend. 

Discover what is most important to you – do you want a photographer who keeps their imagery more natural, lightly edited and makes use of film. Or do you prefer images that feel like they could be out of a fashion magazine, with direct flash and overly edited or posed.

There is no right or wrong here, but you need to discover what factors are most important to you, rather than picking someone based purely on who they have been recommended by or how many magazines they feature in.

More than anything else, the end product is influenced by the process. The psychology of photography indicates that our brains recall what we were feeling at specific moments a photo was taken when we see that image of ourselves. The process has a major impact on the final product. 

Don’t just look for pretty pictures, look at the emotion they are able to capture for their clients. Do these images make you have an emotional reaction when looking at them? While it’s important to pay attention to the lighting, the composition and the overall aesthetic and style of the images, you also want to find a photographer who can capture the feeling of the day.

Does your luxury wedding photographer’s experience match your needs?

If you are planning a luxury high-end wedding, you need a photographer who is able to take control and lead you through any situation or challenge that you may encounter on your wedding day. 

Search for a luxury wedding photographer with a proven track record, showcasing their fine art photography skills is a must, but even moreso, their confident ability to command the room when necessary, to think on their feet, and to navigate logistical challenges as a valuable member of the vendor team. 

A photographer who has worked at your Venue or is experienced at working in challenging lighting situations and with clients with larger budgets is vitally important. 

Image of a luxury wedding photographer laughing at the camera - she is wearing a black blouse

What level of service and client experience do you expect from your photographer?

Don’t assume that a photographer’s price tag will automatically guarantee you a level of service. You will quickly be able to see a photographer’s character and their level of service by the way they handle your initial enquiry, their responsiveness to your emails and requests and ability to make you feel at ease throughout the first consultation.

Selecting the right fine art photographer for your luxury celebration involves careful consideration, research and of course personal connection. 

The best way to discover if you share a connection with a potential photographer is to have an initial consultation. 

During that call, pay careful attention to how they make you feel, what expertise and value they have to bring to your wedding and if they are able to bring your vision to life. Usually you will know instantly if you resonate with them and their artistic style. 

Image of a luxury wedding photographer sitting on a white sofa with her young daughter walking towards her

Your wedding day is all about celebrating the love you and your partner share, as well as showcasing your unique style and lavishly spoiling your wedding guests – by choosing the right luxury wedding photographer you will have beautiful heirlooms that document the narrative of your wedding day and perfectly encapsulate the feelings from this irreplicable time. 

If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch via the contact form on my website. We can then schedule an initial consultation to discover if we can bond over our mutual love of Zimmerman floral dresses and a chilled french rosé.. Hope to meet you soon x

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