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Shoot Share

June 5, 2013

A few months ago, my BPF (best photographer friend), Ashley and I were up late having one of our usual chats about the industry, where our businesses are going and what we’re dreaming of for our futures. These kinds of conversations between us usually have a tendency to run rampant with big idea – and this one was no different.

I shared an idea with Ashley that I hadn’t had the courage to utter to anyone else. Much to my surprise, she responded that she, too, had the exact same idea, and she just wasn’t sure if it was even feasible.

So, for the last several months, Ashley and I have been putting our heads together to make a seemingly improbable idea become a reality.

What we have realized in trying to navigate the waters of this competitive industry are two things:

1) Photography allies can be hard to come by, especially if you are just getting started. It’s easy to see how every other photographer is connected to each other and think to yourself, “I could never fit in with them,” or, my personal favorite, “what would any of them want to do with a newbie like me?”

2) If you want to break into the wedding photography industry, but have never had the opportunity to photograph a wedding, it can be nearly impossible to build a reputable portfolio.

And thus, the idea of Shoot Share was born. We wanted to create an opportunity for photographers, both newbies and seasoned veterans, to come together to network with one another and build their wedding portfolios at the same time. We’ve been inspired by several photographers who have shared their knowledge with us, and we wanted to give back to the photography community in some way. In July, Ashley and I will be hosting what we are affectionately calling, “Shoot Share,” a professionally styled wedding shoot where all photographers are welcome to participate for the greater good of the industry. Our goal is for this to be a safe place where photographers can come and learn from one another, converse with each other and build their wedding portfolios while simultaneously building friendships. This is not so much a workshop as it is a “networkshop” (yes, I think I just made that word up). We really want the focus to be on the relationships they can build in a nonjudgemental place. It will also be a great opportunity for photographers who might not be ready to book their own weddings, or people who have been primarily second shooting to capture some styled wedding images for their portfolios. We are working with Avenue 42, Kristin’s PaperieBlack Creek Flowers, and Amanda Burnett of Into It Blog to put this amazing event together on Sunday, July 21, at Historic Mankin Mansion.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of , we would adore having you! Email me for more details!


Microsoft Word - MSND Flyer.docx

Here’s a little sneak peak of our inspiration for the shoot! The full theme will be revealed in July. We are so elated about being “do-ers,” making our vision a reality, and hopefully serving others in the photography community along the way!


  1. That is an awesome idea! I love it! It is soooo intimidating when you are starting off in the wedding industry- particularly where I live. It’s hard to really build that amazon portfolio! I so wish I lived in (or closer) to VA. I would love to participate! I wish you both the best and I think you are doing something great 🙂

  2. eep! This looks so exciting! Can’t wait to join (:

  3. ashley link says:

    EEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!! i couldn’t think of a better friend who i would want to experience this with!!!! BPF and partners in crime!!!! we got this, girl!!!! God is gonna do great things!!! YAYYYY for being movers and shakers! 😉

  4. Minh Hussey says:

    I’m very interested, please email me more information please!! 🙂

  5. Holly says:

    Yes yes and YES to everything! This will be so fun! 😀

  6. […] past Sunday I also attended the Shoot Share…thanks SO much Nikki, Ashley, and Amanda for putting this event together and hosting!!! It […]

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